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Our Mission

We believe that health, wellness and beauty are intricately linked. From the beginning to the end, our dedicated team will ensure your journey enhances your well-being and enlivens your spirit.

Meet The Team

Dominee Rose Gibbons

Dominee Rose Gibbons


Hello! I’m Dominee Gibbons, the owner of Rosehaven Skin Bar. I opened Rosehaven in February of ’21 as a place to treat women and men like gold. I wanted a place to truly relax unwind, and just feel pampered. ⁠

As a Cache Valley native, I love it here, but women and men are so focused on their kids and families and aren’t taking care of themselves! I wanted to provide a Safe Haven for everyone to come and forget all their troubles. ⁠

I recently purchased KoKo to be our little spa dog. If you’re in need of a little love and therapy, she’s your girl. We’re absolutely smitten by her and so is everyone who comes in! ⁠

Come by and say hi, and don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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